Hello :-) My name is Imogen and I’m a habitual worrier in recovery.

I help caring professionals (the peaceful warriors of this world) to:

  • effectively process emotions and worries that can come with the caring profession (and life generally).

  • bring energy out of looping toxic thoughts and into the body

  • prioritise self care

  • remember more peace and calm

  • have more fun

Together we transform from Worrier to Warrior by retraining the brain to respond differently to thoughts and feelings.

From here we create new habits that are supportive and nurturing, not just to you but to everyone around you.

With regular practice my clients report an Increasing sense of peace, calm and reducing feelings of worry, overwhelm and exhaustion.

Ways to Work with Me

Group Coaching

Recharge Your Warrior:

4 month group coaching program

1:1 Coaching

Worrier to Warrior:

6 month Transformational Coaching Program

“Imogen is a kind and patient teacher. She understands that yoga is a deeply personal journey and is keen to support you where you are. She has fantastic knowledge of correct alignment and is easily able to facilitate corrections using props if need be. Her warm, attentive and friendly nature ensures that you will have a fulfilling yoga practice.”

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info@tagneyyoga.com \\ Tel: 07900665048


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