“I learnt so much more than what I could ever have anticipated….


Imogen has been such an amazing friend, as well as yoga coach. She’s felt like a therapist! It’s just been the most amazing 16 weeks! I’ve had so many light bulb moments and it’s been lovely to share that with the group.”


Jemima graduated completed the ReTrain Your Brain 16 week program and saw such amazing shifts. There were highs and lows, and everything in between, but she was dedicated, determined and READY to prioritise herself and her yoga practice. Committing to a process like this takes so much courage and the more you put in to it, the more you get out of it. Thank you Jemima for being such a joy to coach and for becoming a dear friend.

Calm Sea


"She only has strengths for me. Imogen is an outstanding Coach - she is an angel cheerleader heaven sent ... Perfection" ..


"I am so grateful for having met Imogen I have learnt a lot on the journey and i would highly recommend the course. I can’t thank you enough Imogen"


"I really feel that I have reconnected with myself, feeling all emotions rather than feeling overwhelmed by the negative emotions.


I also have experienced less painful IBS symptoms, I notice now how to hold less tension in my stomach on a daily basis and when this happens how I can manage this". 


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